Michael T. Johnson, Ph.D.


Research Activities and Project Links

My research interests include a broad range of topics related to speech, signal processing, and language. In recent years, this has included the following topic areas:

Relationship between articulatory kinematics and speech acoustics

In collaboration with Dr. Jeff Berry of Speech Pathology and Audiology

  • Eletromagnetic Articulography (EMA) data collection
  • Acoustic to Articulatory inversion
  • with applications to Computer Aided Language Learning and Pronunciation Assessment
  • Articulatory to Acoustic Synthesis mapping
  • Kinematics-driven voice modification for real-time acoustic feedback

Analysis and classification of animal vocalizations, and bioacoustic signal processing

In collaboration with numerous collaborators in the field of bioacoustics.

  • Automatic vocalization classification and repertoire analysis
  • Identification and clustering of individuals from their vocalizations
  • Acoustic population monitoring and assessment
  • Relationship between behavior and vocal patterns
  • Auditory-model driven signal enhancement for bioacoustic data

Speech enhancement

  • Signal-to-noise ratio estimation and tracking
  • Perceptually-driven signal representations
  • Intelligibility assessment and improvement

Dynamical systems modeling of speech signals

In collaboration with Dr. Richard Povinelli

  • Statistical modeling of Reconstructed Phase Spaces (RPS) for speech recognition
  • Dynamical trajectories withing RPSs for speech enhancement

Collaborative work with Tsinghua University in Beijing

I also have a close research collaboration with Tsinghua University and Professor Jia Liu,
and have worked with their research group on several speech projects

  • Language identification
  • Robust speech recognition using microphone arrays
  • Low resource speech recognition

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